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Collaborative Law

Relationship breakdown is always painful but there are ways of tackling it that can give you and your children a better future than court proceedings.

The best answers for your family are the ones you work out for yourselves with professional help. That is what collaborative law is - working with your lawyers to share the responsibilities for your children and the finances to support you as you each go your separate ways. By doing this you can avoid destroying what you have built up in your time together.

You set the priorities and you set the pace, but you need to accept the commitments too-

  • A real determination that you will reach a solution together and you will not allow a Judge to decide your family's future in a court room.
  • A real willingness to disclose information fully and honestly to each other.

Couples who choose the collaborative approach need skilled help from specially trained solicitors who are practised in working in this way. Each former partner will have the benefit of fully independent expert advice throughout the process before making important decisions jointly.

Collaborative lawyers sign an agreement with you which disqualifies them from representing you in court if the process breaks down. That means that they are absolutely committed to helping you find the best solution by agreement not through destructive and expensive conflict.

Sian Whittaker is a partner at Shortlands and a qualified collaborative lawyer of four years standing who has been a specialist family lawyer of over 20 years. Contact her for further information about collaborative law and an initial consultation by calling 0208 822 3330/0208 822 3308 or emailing